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Ashney Patricks - For You lyrics

From the first day we met
I could bet with anyone
That I'd found what I've been looking for.
Love stories I knew
Were only fairy tales
Became my reality.

I won't want to know why
You suddenly drifted away
But I want you to know, For you

(Chorus 1)
For you, I'll climb the highest mountains
To show the world what I feel for you
Cus I've fallen into you
And everything I do is for you

I know that I can make you happy
Cus I got a heart to love you
For as long as you wish.
All you need to is
Find your way back yo my heart
And see just how much I care

Cus I know what love is
And I want you to feel it too
Give me another chance because

(Choros 2)
For you, I'll wonder down the lane of love
To say to you, life has no meaning without you
Cus you're the only reason why
My heart just keep hurting inside

We can last together
If you love me again like you loved me before
Think of nothing else
But the melody and the moments we shared
Do the things we used to do like you never left

Cus I know that love brings
A million tears to the heart
Still I want you to know, for you

Chorus 1

Cus I've fallen into you
And everything I do is for you.

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