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Gambino Family - Drama In My City lyrics

[chorus: G-Spade]
Nothin' but drama n my city dawg
On every boulevard and every ward
We sendin' niggas to tha morg
Nothin' but drama n my city dawg
I pity y'all
If y'all bustas ain't cocked, these niggas play it raw
Every ward n my city bustin'
Niggas livin' for somethin'
But dyin' for nothin'
Head bustin'
Cuz they thought you said somethin' (Bitch what you say?)
That's why a nigga packin' that steel
We wear white handkerchiefs on the battlefield
Now then
Them niggas steady droppin' like flies
From my hood to your hood, niggas losin' they lives
(Niggas losin' they lives)
So I keep on cock
So I won't be the next one to fall off my block
Oh Shit! I heard shots
The spot's hot
Wit' constant killin'
Blood spillin'
Another dead body left unforgiven
On both sides of the river
I'm lettin' 'em go, lettin' 'em rip
Lettin' 'em hollow shot flip
Dawg, it's real n the field
Choppers choppin'
Bodies droppin'
NIggas screamin' help
When they gettin' dealt
Nobody come
Until the red rum is done
There's drama n my city
Nothin' but 3-5-7 totas
And cutthroatas
Smokin' niggas like doulja
N a city of us souljas
Shots rang from the East to the Westbanks
But I ain't even trippin' cuz I roll n a tank
God bless ya if you slippin' greatly
That's that ass from the U.P.T., accross the canal
They blast
Wit' my mask and my vest on
Cuz I ain't trynna get my rest on
If it's on, then it's on
[chorus x2]
I'm they lay back mean man
Pockets full of green man
Niggas on my city have you leanin' like a kickstand
I'm on some of that "you want for that shit"
Because the city that you live n
Got niggas given n
You see I'm straight from the 3rd
You heard
Where niggas talk wit' a slur
And they mean every slur word
So get your mind right when you enter my cty
Cuz every city's pretty
I give a fuck, I'm tired of livin' on my ass
This is stress of the game, they got me movin' fast
It ain't easy, you best believe it's gon' get harder
Instead of livin' on the streets, I rather put n slaughter
Magnolia, Calliope is where a nigga be
You fuck around and get taped to an oak tree
Damn, that's nothin' but drama around my way black
You keep playin' you get hollows up you fuckin' spine
Reginelli, I'm born and raised n they U.P.T.
Magnolia, Melphanine to the CP3
If you fuckin' wit' these niggas, you won't get no sleep
Besides, we play the game raw, so if you beef wit' me
Fake niggas get it real
Playa hatas gettin' killed
Bitch, bullets fly at will
Bitch, I hope you play it real
They got drama n my city
Dead bodie on the curb
Wit' bad tempers and bad nerves
Niggas get what they deserve
40 Calibers and Smith-and-Wessons
From when these fuckin' cops is stressin'
Lord bless me, but these coward's testin' me
Automatic guns fire tearin' holes through your flesh
Retaliatin' on my enemies, when they say death
Southern hospitality, so I'm snathin' your breath
The Commission, and The Family nigga, rippin' the track
We finally grew now watch this paper stack
I stay strapped
The Magnolia Projects is where I hustle at
[chorus x2]

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