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Gambino Family - Losing My Faith lyrics

[chorus x2: Gotti]
Hard times n this world got a nigga stressin'
Look through the eyes of a breeder, learn a fatal lesson
See n my world you see alot of shit you face
Take my back against the wall got me losin' all my fuckin' faith
Who can I turn to when the hard times approachin'
When I see that my faith is a ghost, I don't know
I'm hopin' that the lord can give me some ??
Cuz I'm livin' n a world that comsumes of violence
I remember when my faith was too strong n the game
But you niggas done changed
N this game
It's rearranged
Now who do I blame
I got to stand to maintain
Or get swallowed n shame
And I refuse to be the one who name
Get used n vein
Been n the cemetery
Bein' a breeder is scary
Lord forgive me, but my enemies is gettin' buried
Vision gettin' blurry
Lord can you hear me
Because these niggas gettin' to me
Trapped n the life of hate
NIgga, I'm scared to pray
I got mafia ties nigga, so I can't escape
I'm trynna shape the stake
These bitches steepin' n fate
They got me losin' my muthafuckin' faith niggaaa
[chorus x2]
Father deliver me from all this fuckin' hate
That I anticipate
I guess I'm losin' my faith
That's what they say
Behind my back, a bunch of jealous bastards
But slow your roll because you fuckin' wit' them murder masters
I cause disaster
Nigga born to be a soldier
Gambino niggas runnin' the real
You run up wrong that's your life playa, you gettin' killed
Lil' Gotti, introduced a nigga to this game
So now we young and runnin' thangs
Nigga, fuck the fame
New Orleans niggas, puttin' it how it goes
Doin' shows
Pullin' hos
And rollin' phat out the most
Dem gold takas ridin' dirty, so i guess we livin' swell
Just some young niggas livin' n this hell
I'm screamin' bloody mary as I watch him bleed
Bitch niggas, that's what they get, for fuckin' wit' me
A young breeder represent that Gambino Family
No Limit's gonna be my home til' they day that I leave
I could remember growin' up, growin' up n the bricks
And had shit stuck wit' this rap and dope shit
Trynna make it out the ghetto is all I'm trynna do
A young nigga trynna ball wit' my Gambino crew
If you look into my eyes you can tell that I'm stressin'
It's like I'm stuck n prison, I've been taught a lesson
Everywhere a nigga go, the police is hatin'
They wanna see me dead, and send my soul to satan
I guess they mad cuz I made it and got a little change
Now niggas n the ghetto, that changin' my brain
But it's so hard to live n a cold-hearted world
And many playa hatas around, it's hard to live swell nigga
[chorus x2]
From the beginnin' to the end I be a breeder all my days
On the street wit' some ways
Sendin' bitches to the grave
Ain't no time to pray
Fuck I've been thuggin' since my youth
I've been taught to be true
And represent wit' these otha troops trynna make it
And we succeed n bad weather
Cuz we stick together
Bustin' at these cowards wit' my nine milla beretta
Got me losin' all my fuckin' faith
Well I escape
>From this envy and hate
That's takin' place
N you hatas eyes
Picture my eyes
Too long to die
Ain't No Limit to cry
Gambino niggas we be quick to dive
When a bullet flies
Walk-by's and drive-by's
Bitch it's do or die
Livin' n a scene when them young niggas ride or die
N a hurst
You think this ghetto is a curse
I think that hell is even muthafuckin' worse
I think I'm losin' my faith
[chorus x3]

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