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Gambino Family - New Orleans Threats lyrics

Motherfuckin Gambino's in this bitch again
Gotti wit dat motherfuckin nigga QB and P'heno
My motherfuckin yung gunz in this motherfucker to
[Chorus ]
We be New Orleans Threats
To New Orleans best, sendin slugs through your crooked ass, cops vests
Fuck New Orleans best, I be New Orleans threats
And I put dat on my motherfuckin last breathe
I got a team of young breeders dat'll die wit me
Melichoir, Regenelli, P'heno, ride wit me
Who da fuck these jealious cops just takin us for
Pull me over, search my car, they be lookin for war
I put aside da superstar shit, because they'll prolly left me scar'd wit some horrable facts,
Because i'm black, i'm a tar-get, so reguardless
Gotti be involved, is some hard shit
Screamin fuck da police, niggaz died in these streets
My lil' homie murdered, by these cowards in blue
Dressed him in his best suit and layed'em down in his casket
And for your foes, don't worry
I'll barry those bastards, smother their kids wit plastic, turn they house to ashes
I'd rather die blastin, den face da courts again
Unless i'm facin is death and for my days dats left
I'll be New Orleans motherfuckin threat
I bet you bitches feel dat
[Chorus x4]
All niggaz get caught up, shoot, duck
But you can't run nigga, to much stressful shit happened in a dirty city
I went from workin on a job to makin platinum hits
Having so much on my minds, this about some shit
Fuck da police, comin straight from uptown
All niggaz don't won' fuck wit these rounds, I loud, I aim, I point, I hit
Watch'em, ............. (Gotti- What da fuck u did) droped'em
I be a Nolimit nigga til' my casket drops
Fuck these judges and these crooked ass bastard cops
Da bitches wanna see me rot in jail, i'd rather burn in hell
Den doin 10 or 25 in a jail cell
Fuck da laws, dem bitches slave me
Penitentary raised, da melphamene is what made me
Mean muggin, pistol huggin my automatic chrome
For crooked cops I dispise, bustin your fuckin domes
Dat is my zone, I be a threat until i'm dead and gone
Me and Gotti da coco-dawns, til our last song
[Chorus x4]
[Gotti: Talking]
Motherfuckers, how you like that now
Bust da back, on you punk ass, fuckin cops
I'd rather be da first to blast, for you pull on my ass
Man fuck dem man
We be New Orleans threats until we dead 'n gone
Gambino' representin this motherfucke

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