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Gambino Family - So Much Drama lyrics

[# - With the chorus, both people say it at the same time]
[Magic talking]
All this drama, and all this pain
Sometimes I wonder if we all put here for a game
[chorus x3: 2-4-1 {Gotti} both people say it at the same time]
[So much drama, so much pain]
{So much drama, so much pain,
all the casualties got us caught up in the game}
[All the casualties, got us caught up in the game]
{So much drama, so much pain,
all the casualties got us caught up in the game}
Pitcure this drama, that we stuck in
Lookin' for wayz to keep from hustlin'
I wasn't born to be nothin'
And my muthafuckin' life is cursed
And I plan to see these streets for everything it was worth
And my momma lookin' at me like I was dead in a hurst
Since the loss of my uncle,
my pain it got worse And it hurts to see my
momm fallin' down in tears
And to me, my life ain't clear
Got me livin' in fear
Sheddin' tears
For my dead peers
Who's to blame
For my muthafuckin' pain that I'm feelin' inside
Well nigga don't cry keep your head up and roll wit' this pressure
Control this pain that you feelin' cuz it's only to test ya
Drama, I've been in since I left the wooms of my momma
Still trynna cope wit situations left behind me
Will I ever find another way
Even though I pray
Judgement day
Ain't far away
>From what my momma say
But I'm trapped in this thug livin' and thug sinnin' Heavenly father
forgive me for all my drug dealin'
Pressure and pain
All those that wanna make a change
But all this drama got a nigga trapped in this game
[chorus x2]
I'm surrounded by so much drama, every day I visualize
Walk the streets wondering I'ma die or stay alive
I could recall bein' bad on the streets hustlin' for mine
I use to hustle wit' dimes
Now I'm hustlin' wit' rhymes
The FEDz is watchin',
the police is crooked Everywhere that a nigga go,
the law trynna book me
I grew up in the ghetto I'm sheddin' tears
And livin' in fear
Late at night, trynna sleep, shots rang out my ears
I'm present in this game, I feel the end is close
The other day I could've sworn I see a fuckin' ghost
It's hard to survive in the fuckin' N.O.
You never know when it's YO time to go
They got me livin' in a world that's full of despize
I can't cope wit' the authorities wit' this red in my eyes
So I proceed across the battlefield bustin' for glory
These demons preachin' for my soul, but I be damned if I'm buried
I got shit to live for
I got dreams to forfill
If i die today or tomorrow, who gon' pick up the steel
Don't let mind deceive ya, you either kill or get killed
You muthafuckas ain't feelin' me, so it's best you get real
These fuckin' laws got a nigga stressin'
But I'm a thug
Ain't no love on these streets for blacks wit' drawin' blood
Crooked cops tryin' to throw all us blacks n the rump
But lord protect us til' we make it home
It's so much drama nigga
[chorus x1]
It's my time
I can feel your pain
Nigga now allow me to spit some game
Watch these stanky bitches beware a nigga that's lame
You can die in the hands of a coward, so keep your eyes open
I done seen alot of hard niggas die wit' their chest smokin'
But have no worry Gambino Family cuz I'm on your side
If any of them break your tradition, then I'll be down to ride
Let no man question my dedication
To whoeva it is, I'll whoop his ass in front the whole nation
No interference from you outsidas
I'm a rida
You runnin' and runnin' while all the time I'm right behind ya
Trust me like you trust your momma
Popps ain't raise no punks, I'm know for bringin' drama
[chorus til' song ends]

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