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Ghetto Mafia - Deal With The Devil lyrics

[1st verse]
See it was late at night
When it jumped up
I was deep in my sleep
When it jumped off
Tossin' and turnin'
In my king size
Somethin' slapped me and woke me
I see two red guys
One was laughin' and pointin'
The other was serious
See I could tell he was serious
Cause I was serious
The room was red
And hot as fuck
And it ain't no lie
I was stuck
He reached a hand out and I said
"Man let go"
I tried to play it up actin' counrty slow(?)
Then _ cause he grabbed me by my britches
Can't believe he tried to play me like his bitches
I tried to school him but I tripped and fell
The other devil was laughin' loud as hell
I wanted to bail but I was crippled and paralized
The second slap made me finally realize
I was dealin' with the wicked devil
(And he tryin' to take me to another level)
Bow to the wicked devil
(And he tryin' to take me to another level)
I'm havin' dealin's with the wicked devil
(And he tryin' to take me to another level)
Bow to the wicked devil
(And he tryin' to take me to another level)
[verse 2]
Now I was cookin' on Green Forrest Drive
Will I die tonight
Or stay alive?
I'm steady bleedin'
Face to face with this demon
(Y'all know I can't stand this shit Wicked feedin')
Then all of the sudden I heard a voice say:
(Chill bro)
I ain't come to kill I come to school ya
And that's about the time I seen the goods
A million dollars
Stashed in my hood
Here's what you do
Follow these close directions
I scored it quick
With perfect execution
No hesitation 'cause I'm down for the million
My heart ain't got no room for fucking lovin'
Picture this
The devil had me fuckin' robbing
No more hood rats
No more starvin'
No more family
No more friends
A 45
And lots of ends
[verse 3]
Now I was leakin' every body in the A-town
Thanks to my boys from the underground
Even feel clean cought a lick
And they locked up another nigga for the shit
But that's irrelevant
Cause bitch I'm tight
Until the devil came again one night
Said he loved me
Said I was tough
But then he brought up some shit about a beer cut (?)
Started talkin' shit about 70-30
Damn schiester
Was playin' dirty
I tried to buck him
Cause it's evnied to buck
But then he showed me a picture of a truck
I wasn't the driver
I was the passenger
Being held hostage by a dillinger
I saw the end for this rebel
Cause I was dealin with the devil
[Chorus: x2]

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