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Ghosts Of Rome - Jonessecre lyrics

Let's take it back a step,
Show me what was really going on when he took your control.
How did it feel to control the thoughts of thousands others,
Was it just like any other?

I'm not here to criticize,
But you should know that behind his eyes and simple lies, lies another.
I'm not here to criticize,
But your leader's not so worthy anymore, not anymore.

Bow down in his presence and seek nothing, just obey what is said to you,
Put your hearts on your sleeves then bury them, my child.

Here we go again and I'll see this through.
You'll never speak a word. Leave it all to me I'll do the talking.
Hold my hand, hold my hand, Let's celebrate our deaths.
It's just another task in this plan, our resistance.

ENCORE! ENCORE! My breath is leaving me,
They say it's the bitter taste,
But that's not why the children are screaming.
ALAS the final toast!
Raise your glasses if you can, 'till they disappear.

And the glasses fell, the bodies fall,
And I can't see this through.
Of course there's light in us,
But here we are oh here we are oh here we are again!

And like a princess speak but be ignored.
You're close to power not earned, here we fall.
Our heart sings, clearly red and there's no difference,
Maybe raised in the afterlife you'll have a fighting chance.

So here we raise our glasses.

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