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Ghosts Of Rome - The Fall Of Oedipus Rex lyrics

We will not be here in this place again
The time is now or never.
I will wait as long as I have to
I refuse to let this die.
Nothing worth having comes this easy.
A miracle turned tragedy.
Everything is turned around can't you see?
You are more than anything I could of asked for
Tonight there is no bargains or abandoning.
I've failed in so many ways but I kept
Them in here, locked away for years.
Just get in a car crash and leave me.
Drown in a river, take with you my sorrows.
I've failed in so many way but I've kept them in
Here, wiped away my tears.
Drown yourself in your bathtub and leave me.
There's NO regrets.
With all these thoughts bubbling, and lost convictions, estrogenocide
Intentions, and visible lacerations, I think it's time you understand I
Think it's time I took a stand, and it's time you got what you deserved.
No time for second chances there is no abandoning ship tonight
It's all or nothing now or never

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