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Ginuwine - Final Warning lyrics

Ooh, who keeps callin you
Boy i aint scared of you, no no
You see, I got your number
Tell me who you snuck and gave you number to
Ooh, your trippin now
Girl quit fussin now, naw
You can't go jumpin to conclusions
It's ringin, but that doesnt mean i've been cheating does it
Not right now i'm busy
Call me in the morning, Oooh
Your telephones awful busy
They callin in the morning, Oooh
That was your final warning, don't call me in the morning Oooh
Ooh, who keeps buggin you
Or whos been loving you, tell me
are you are you that somebody,
Or is it you been loving on somebody else
Woo, what the hell you talkin bout?
And could you put that finger down
I'm always gonna be the same ol G
Are you leaving or staying with me?
Tell me
So who keeps buggin you (tell me)
So who keeps buggin you (oh oh oh)
So who keeps buggin you (oh oh)

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