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One more time now
Every breath is gone now
You can feel it in your chest
And in your eyes are heavy
From the lack of sleep last night

One more song now
One more memory of you
I can feel it in my finger tips I
Hate it, but I need it I just cannot believe it
Something I expected not to hear
And these walls keep caving in
Lets take this medicine

One more verse now
This one starts out sad like
Every other verse tonight
I wrote this song about you
Cause I cannot live without you
Please dear lord have mercy on my soul
I've been doing it all along
I've been lacking self control
I've been sitting at home begging and pleading and wishing for you voice

And I've been taking this medicine
Trying to shield my self from this
Trying to wrap this all up and bury it cry deeply in the yard
Oh man the yard is so damn far and to reach it is very hard
It gives me the strength to go on without you a hands distance from my side
I lack hope now in this life
And I can't sleep at all at night
Without my medicine without my medicine

So much for this awkward silence
Speaking all I can
But the words all come out slurred
And my life's become a blur
Let me take this chance to say things aren't alright at home
Because without you I'm alone
With one hand on the phone
And on that note suddenly my hand begins to shake
It's your name across a screen
And your picture I believe
So I open it up and hear the faintest voice say "I am yours"

But I've been taking this medicine
And it's sinking deeper in
And now I'm the one being taken away carried through the roof
And from the sky I say to you "baby thanks for coming through"
Just know that this is not your fault I've done this on my own
And when I see you again, no matter where how or when
You can be my medicine
You can be my medicine

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