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Good Weather Forecast - Electric Summer lyrics

Shine like the stars in the summernight
Girl I'm in love, it never ever felt so right
Never let me go go go
I love you so so so
Don't wann leave the place you're in
Don't wanna miss, yeah I don't wanna miss a thing
Never be alone 'lone 'lone
I'm coming home home home


This is the summer of our lives
We stay, we stay out all night
We keep on singin'
We keep on singin'
Welcome the day, sun is rising on me
Forget the pain, yesterday is history
I wanna dance around 'round 'round
I like the sound sound sound
Feeling so free, I can touch the sky
Gimme a kiss, a kiss that's gonna make me fly
Cosmic rider rider rider
I'm flying higher higher higher


And we dance and we sing
And we live and we dream
And we love and we rise
And we fly and we fly

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