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Grant Woell - Captive Soul lyrics

Verse 1((
These different seasons pass away.(
Theirs nothing left for you to say.(
When all the trees are loosing leafs,
Revealing the real him for you to see.(((

How did we get to this?
(He's holding you captive as his princess.(
But the window is open, and you can go.(
You're just a caterpillar in disguise, (
Not a butterfly yet, you've still got time.(
The horizon is getting lighter.(
Your future is shining brighter.(

(Verse 2((
The words unsaid, now sinking in.(
A swindle smile, A shallow grin.(
When love has turned to apathy, (
Her heart is locked, return the key((

O and when she tries, she cries.(Her heart is breaking. It keeps breaking her down. x2

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