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Grant Woell - The Edge lyrics

Verse 1
The Thunder rolls out.
As you close up my mouth.
So I can see I've lost integrity.
My heart is black and white. You make it bright.
And color me in.

And even though I'm slipping off the edge.
And I know that you would catch me in the end.
I'm gonna try with no more pretends.
To hold to you... To hold to you

Verse 2
My heart is shaken,
And I'm falling down.
But I will fall, where you are found.
And I'm pressing on and striving to,
Where I can live and give to you.


And this is a plea from my selfish misery.
Rescue my soul, from my captivity.
This is a plea from my selfish misery.
Be Still and know, only you can save me alone.

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