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Grant Woell - You lyrics

Verse 1

I look across the room,
But theirs no sign of you.
My Actions were missing you.
Cause you weren't their.
Oh God, what will it be?
How long will it take for me to see?
To see...
That you've been waiting on the other side.
Heartfelt Arms held open wide for me.
For me.


You are the air I breathe.
You are the song I sing.
Take these hands, let them be something for you.
For you

Verse 2

These walls lay in between
The Truth from being seen.
Cover me with love.
When the push becomes the shove.
That's when I realized, I see through my heart,
And not my eyes.
I need, I need.
Something you can give me to fill me up,
And drown this doubt, that I've given up.
Save me. Save me.



I keep falling down.
I keep falling down.
Let my pride be drowned x2

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