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Gregg Allman - Demons lyrics

Another day in the line full of stranger
Surrounded by four walls that can't be seen
He knows some dude he lives uptown and he deliveries
He often calls him for that perfect dream
Oh oh he's got his demons
They stay right by his side and his everyday is hell

He loves his wine and his pretty woman
He buys them anything just to stay around
He's got it make cause his daddy's got a bundle
He seldom reaches out where there no one to be found
But still oh, he still got them demons
They stand right by his side and he can't break out

Oh he's got his demons
They stay by his side

Another day in the life of the lonely
All alone in a sold out crowd
He can always buy a cheap thrill with his money
This world of silence is getting so damn loud, baby

Ohh, oh he's got his demons
Whoa whoa
Oh he's got his demons

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