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Gregg Allman - Queen Of Hearts lyrics

Once I was glad, always happy, never sad
And every day, seemed like Sunday
And although things were slow
Never seemed to have no dough
Somehow, I never once got lonely
See the fact is more or less
You're gamblin' with your own happiness
And most all your would be friends
Turn out so phoney

Oh but times they change
And through the rains
And I've seen the Queen of Hearts
Don't know where to start
Or how to stop

And after days have come and gone
You left me feelin' that I've done so wrong
I've wasted so much time feeling guilty
And as I watch you sit across the room
Beautiful as the flower's bloom
Living day just one day
Oh brother you're gonna come back to find me gone

I love your Queen of Hearts
Tell me not to stop tell me where to start
Where now baby tell me where to start

After all that we've been through
I find that when I think of you
A warm soft wind runs through and through
And in my heart there's only you
And I will always keep on trying
To gather this strange piece of mind
Without it thered be lonely me and oh darling lonely you

I love you Queen of Hearts
Tell me not to stop, just tell me where to start
Well now baby, tell me where to start, yeah

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