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Guerilla Maab - Ain't Getting Shit lyrics

You say I gotta pay, to get a spot in heaven
It's like I crap on the dice, seeing nothing but seven
Everytime I work my mouthpiece, you just keep on saying no
Unless I wanna give up my royal checks, and all my do'
You got a nigga fucked up, Z-Ro ain't dishing out
Could of been with a million dolla nigga, but now you missing out
Treated you with nothing but respect, but that's not what you want
I had to call you a bitch, just to get a response
When a nigga be talking to you with common sense, you laugh at that shit
Could of saved my breath and went straight penile, and be jacking my dick
When I gave you ecstasy and drank, but you got plex in your house
Would of even let you suck my dick, but I won't bless your mouth
Tell me why you wanna wonder, what my pockets like
Must got a grudge in your pussy, cause ain't nobody knocked it right
I'm not gonna make my money to give it away, let me make that clear
So why you tripping on money, tell your partna come here
You want so many fancy thangs, you need to get up and bleed the block
Cause when you fucking with my dividends, you just might meet the glock
Hold em up swoll em up, better keep your greedy fingers by your side
Bitch it's hot outside, and I was just trying to offer your ass a ride
But I hope your feet get tired
[Hook: Cl'Che & (Trae)]
Boy you know I really love you
(You ain't getting shit)
Boy you know I wanna please you
(Nah, you ain't getting shit)
I didn't mean, to deceive you
(You still ain't getting shit)
Baby please, don't you leave me
(Bitch you ain't getting shit)
Is it my destiny, for me to fail
I caught myself running up and down with you, but I can't prevail
No matter how many times I try, you proceed to tell me no
I might not of been that rich, but I kept it real and that's fa sho
Waking up early just to pimp my hustle, so we can parlay
Never show no signs of an attitude, just to make sure you stay
I walked and even caught the bus on the cool, just to see how you doing
It seems the more I wanted to be with you, the more that you wanted
Everything about it didn't deserve to get done like this
Why did you have to go, do me bad
I provided everything you need, and I gave you everything you had
From that point you started to get shife, too quick to be yelling it's over
Telling me that that nigga was a friend, that picked you up in the Range Rover
I know you heard what I said, don't ever bite the hand that's gon feed you
All I ever did was your love, but you left that to let me deceive you
That's life you go your way I'ma go mine, cause I'm gon be alright
Just don't come crying to me, when that nigga fin to beat your ass tonight
[Hook x2]
[Dougie D]
Check your big ass cousin big ass mouth, won't let you comprehend
Ain't got no time to listen, cause it go through one ear right out the other end
In the game again, don't wanna do you wrong because a promise I keep
And steadily dodging other temptation, from hitting these hoes with the meat
But now you wanna be rubbing me hugging me, but it's all to the good
And while you be sucking I'm busting, up in your mouth like I should
You silly ass bitch got me fucked up, thinkin that Doug D don't know the game
But look I'm keeping all of my change, and you ain't getting a god damn thang
All of this embracing and money chasing, trips and I'm riding with ya
All of this tricking and sticking your ass bitch, and I'm still with ya
All of this, down to get richer with you baby
Fuck over your lady, now you done lost your life savings
Some ghetto bitch done sucked your dick, and turned you out
Some ghetto bitch done fucked your click, somethin for you all to talk about
Now you done knocked down, the nastiest do' to knock down
When you had the freshest piece of meat, that you had to show around
No bitch (no bitch), can do what I can
No bitch (no bitch), gon do what I did
Feel that all that, now bitch move on
You had what you had, in the beginning and now it's gone
Man, why you tripping
(You ain't getting shit)
I gotta pay my P.O. man
(You still ain't getting shit)
I had to take my T. Lady car to the shop
(Nah, you ain't getting shit)
I still gotta pay my studio bill
(Nah nigga, you ain't getting shit)
Man, don't you want me to be on my grind
(You ain't getting shit)
Can't a nigga just try and shine
(You still ain't getting shit)
Can't a nigga go get the new J's
(You ain't getting shit nigga)
Shit, can I keep the dog
(Hell naw nigga)
You ain't getting, (you ain't getting shit)
Nah you ain't getting shit, (nah you ain't getting shit)
You still ain't getting shit, (bitch you still ain't getting shit)
Bitch you still ain't getting shit (nigga you ain't getting shit)
You ain't getting shit, (you ain't getting shit)
You still ain't getting shit, (you still ain't getting shit)
Nah you ain't getting shit, (you still ain't getting shit)
Bitch you got me fucked up, (well fuck you then)

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