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Guerilla Maab - Not My Home lyrics

I haven't smoked a sweet in 27 days
When I'm under pressure, I feel it's necessary to blaze
And I'm asking Jesus what can I do, anytime I go and pray
This world is killing me slowly, my hair is growing gray
I remember not too long ago, bumping given the bums
Now in 99, I'm struggling to live in the slums
I'm not use to the lavish shit, no water no food or no phone
Highly invested and filthy, nigga this is my home
Bout ready to give up the ghost, but only cowards give up the fight
But how can I teach my son to read and write, if there's no lights
What does it take to get a piece, of the motherfucking American pie
When white folks stab you in your back, before they stare in your eye
Working on my last nerve, and what give a motherfucker the nerve
To think that he's better, cap in my face
With a Lexus and Benz, let me run and go chase my cheddar
You see the title is overdue, but they deny me my throne
I must be a foreigner to this place, this world is not my home
This world is not my home, I'm just-a passing through
My treasures are laid out, somewhere beyond the blue
The angels beckon me, from heaven's open doors
And a nigga can't feel at home, in this world no more
Feel at home, in this world no more
I try to leave it to the Lord, to judge the living
I just hope I'm one of the sons forgiven, when it's time to make decisions
For the scandalous life I'm living, breaking ties for riches
Ain't no friends in bidness, nothing but lies and snitches
Deep in the mind of mischief, money making motivates crime
Soldiers fighting the war blind, or destined to lose everytime
Live by the pain I've seen the flames trapped, more lives than you could believe
My back are facts of scars, of all the times I've been deceased
It's forever, Guerilla until I die
When I'm dead and gone, mama don't you cry
I know, it's too much pain involved
But you gotta be the one, to keep my alive
They wanna see me leave, but they better believe
I'm not going out, without a fight
Everybody wanna charge it to the game
Cause I be living the fame, and I'm on top
Of the game, stop yelling my name
And gon leave me alone, you better get gone
I don't wanna get the chrome, you better go on get away
Hollin' out what's the deal, all because of my skills
And now you claim you real, you better sit back and chill
Lord knows, that I'm just passing through
And they be the ones, that'll be making me do
Thangs, even though I think sometimes I'm wrong
I gotta hold my own, so I can roll on
[Bridge: Peaches & (Trae)]
Everyday that goes by, it gets harder
I only try to survive, the pain
Can someone, please explain
Why it's driving me insane
Cause the more hope, the more brain
The more light, the more change
The more it stays the same
(I know you heard we guerillas
But I really just, can't take no more
Everybody proceed, to show me love
Therefor this world, is not my home
Why do they wanna see me go
Man I done been through enough
But I know the Lord's, gon take care of me
When I get up above)
[Dougie D]
Peep this, they try to tell me that the world was lovely
But otherwise, they be trying to fuck with me
But I keep my eyes open and lovely
I be balling, can't even be approaching me
Ready to slap motherfuckers, that be approaching me
These hoes ain't fin, to get close me
And land in my house, eating my groceries
Demons be trying, to test a G
When all the anger and pain, been stressing me
But I just can't let it, get the best of me
I ask the Lord to guide and bless a G
Even though I done, and lived the dirt wrong
I'm making a jack, cause the world ain't my home
Everybody wanna see when you fall
Especially, when you done worked so damn hard
So I watch em, with they schemes and plots
Wanna try to come, and take what I got
Infrared dots, on they fat ass knots
And make it sho', that the enemy come to a stop
[Hook x2]

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