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Guerilla Maab - See Me In My Casket lyrics

[Hook x2]
Bitch niggas, wanna see me in my casket
I swear to God, I'ma let a nigga have it
Guerilla Maab, is what I'm yelling when I'm blasting
I hate you fake motherfuckers with a passion, now bring it on
[Dougie D]
Fuckers we armed and dangerous, bitch start
To your car, and stay far from us
Always keeping my heater, in case a nigga
Wanna go to war with us, we mobbing cuz
Fuck what you niggas thought of us
Get your brains knocked the fuck out
When you fucking round with us
Nigga we match you one, can't fuck with pussies
That's acting one, only rainy days I commit
Is my baby girl, that love me
If you fucking with us, get your head drug into the dirt
All the matters get cocked, and they busting
And burning till it hurt, I ain't gon deal with that
I'ma fry a motherfucker, with the biggest
Some are bitches, gon learn
By putting their nose up in my bidness
If you bringing war, you are tricking before you start
We got guerillas ready to mob, and mask up after dark
So get on your mark, you ain't seldom ready we gone
You don't want drama, then don't be fucking around with the Maab
And I put this on my life, none of us in this sweet or nice
Fucking around with the best, and get you put up on ice
[Hook x2]
Step to us, and you'll get tossed
Bump your gums, and get hauled off
Punk ass bitch, you'll take a loss
For fucking with us, fucking with us [x2]
Thinking bout my life I blend it in with thugs, niggas outta line
Thinking they can really fuck with Trae and Doug
Guerilla Maab make us, I don't give a damn bout who you is
Better not come my way, and catch us spraying
Running like he racing, giving you niggas a fucking day
Cause all the he say she say, you better come see my posse gang
Before you be going off at the mouth, and 3D-2 gon get you tossed
I'm ready for war and bring it on
To the nigga, that's thinking that they better
I'm fin to put load holes in your sweater, with aggravated vendettas
Killas and thug niggas, that's ready to ride it out
Blue and red fuck going fed, this nigga Trae be busting heads
With G. Maab I'm all in, bitch niggas be hauling
Till I be six feet up in a grave, I'm never falling
Resurrection Music Group is what I represent, long as I'm still here
I'm gonna ride for my team, good times, life and cents
So motherfuckers better be here no, cause y'all be fucking up my zone
So you can go and call your people, and tell em you going home
[Hook x2]
To a nigga thoughts, to a nigga with attitude
Ever since my brother, got locked in the penn
I shed my tears with tattoos, on everything that I love
Got 17 shots with a glock cocked
Fin to let off shots, and it won't stop
Ready to die for what I believe in, if its plex you gon get dropped
And you niggas out here I hate with a passion, beleive that
You see that strap with a light on top, if you hating I beam that
Guerilla Maab till I can't breathe no more, and I mean it motherfucker
Going off over the edge, and ready to smash on you dick suckers
[Dougie D]
We gon bust, it ain't no thang to us because you strange to us
Infrareds and battalions, for killas and the stranglers
And biting manglers, inflicting you bodily harm
Trauma centers get full, whenever we going to war
Nigga look fuck your intros, we guerillas that's packing pistols
Ain't excepting no church aggressions, that niggas slang with pencils
We run with a riot, lock and load the clip up aside
Knocking your fucking wig back, when you fucking round with mine
[Chorus x2]
Step to us, and you'll get tossed
Bump your gums, and get hauled off
Punk ass bitch, you'll take a loss
For fucking with us, fucking with us [x2]

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