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Guerilla Maab - Still Here lyrics

Give me a pad and a pen, and I'll let the lesson begin
The only way to survive my life, is straight up living in sin
Keep on getting in where you fitting in, but in case you get stuck
Better keep your piece off safety, you got these niggaz fucked up
No matter how many times I get on my knees, and pray it don't change
Ducking bullets and the woman I love, keep playing games with my brain
Our relationship's faded, I tried to save it
But now she living with a nigga, named David
Lord could you please have mercy, on this soul of mine
And release the blanket cause at night, it gets so cold sometimes
Tried to go from a life of crime, but see my hustle was hot
Keep a razor blade, to chop up all my twenties and dimes on the spot
Oh yeah I came up in the church, Z-Ro know right from wrong
But I gotta hustle to keep on eating, because my feddy ain't postponed
A nigga like me forget the job, so how the fuck can I rest
Sometimes I wonder if a nigga's really blessed, cause I'm still here
I've been waiting patiently
I wonder if a nigga's really blessed, cause I'm still here
Niggaz steady hating me
I wonder if a nigga's really blessed, cause I'm still here
I've been waiting patiently
I wonder if a nigga's really blessed, cause I'm still here
Why do you forsaken me
I wonder if a nigga's really blessed
Now it's 1999, the new millennium is upon us
HPD got new technology, they gon get us if they want us
Under surveillance 24-7 up in this game, you could never tell
Laws can't see now one of them OZ's
But a stitch'll provide the blind with braille
Letters to read indeed they wanna see me, in a pine box
You can tell I'm not having that, of the moment I let my nine cock
Release it cause I'm furious, refuse to let 'em capture me
Can't I get a little bit of rest, because I know them hoes are after me
I signed a major deal, you can see my video on TV
Fuck capping, I'd rather kick it with Shadow, Boo-B and DP
Cause they never refuse my company, when I show up at the do'
Sometimes a place where everybody knows my name, is where I wanna go
Tell me do you know what they call me, cause you act like you ain't heard of me
But you better be ready to die, if somebody sent you here to murder me
22, with a motherfucking beer belly
Some say I'm an OG already, because I'm still here
I wonder if my niggaz, really love me sometimes
Would they give a fuck about Z-Ro, if I couldn't rhyme
It's just a thought in my mind, I'm so tired of working my muscle
I just came here to preach, and give a fuck about a hustle
Nigga don't get me wrong, I've been known to bleed blocks
Living on every local corner, on a first name basis with these cops
I've been locked up so many times, depressed and in jail
Ain't got no free world partnas, that'll make my bail
I can see it in the sky, it must be destiny for me to be insane
Feel the expression on my face, can't you tell I'm in pain
I try to repent cause that's a privilege, that was given to me
But when I talk to God, it seem like he don't listen to me
Cause I'll be fiending for mercy, no matter how many times I whine
I never get it when I want it, but it's right on time
I can see the world again, from foggy weather to clear
But I still wonder if a nigga's really blessed, cause I'm still here
Damn it, as I looked
I saw the door standing open, in Heaven
And the same voice I had heard before
That sounded like a mighty ? glass
Spoke to me and said, come up here
And I will show you what must happen
In the future, but for right now
I'm still here

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