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Guerilla Maab - What the Lord Has Done lyrics

This one here, is for all those people who doubted us
But also dedicated, to the only one who stood by us
Through it all through everything, God love thugs

[Dougie D]
Well it started way back in the garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were deceived
To eat the forbidden fruit that left the curse to, in tore path by laboring
In the process they had sons, walking that led to the first murder
Now why'd they wanna do that for, took the path of the light in the lane that's for us
Then Jesus came walked in the light talked in the light, told 'em the truth
People stoned and spit on him my God, if it were you what would you do
Now check it out peep this mayn, coldest thang about but we take it for granted
Imagine hanging on a cross down for the sins, for the same people that have done you in
That's what I call real in the game, wonder if you'd walk that mile in the rain
That's a lot of love for a lot of busters, whomever believe will shall not parish
Although hard times gon come, gotta keep my faith in God and know he'll do some'ing
I'll make it through the striving and struggling, all the hustling and working my muscl'ing
And conquering all the hate-ation, all faces the devil try to send my way
On my knees to dear God I pray, help me make it through everyday
Why'd you get stressed before leaving up the bible, got lines for a living life
You must think sure of yourself approving, in order to live a risen life iight

[Hook 1 - 4x]
What the Lord has done for me, (I know)
How many eyes can really see, (yeeeah)

You can let me tell a tale about the man above, cause this life we live ain't right
I done lost just about everything, with nothing but negativities sent to my life
But see I gotta be strong and gotta keep my faith, and even though everybody wanna get me down
My best bet is to keep my head up, and let God know that I won't give up
My big brother Dinkie in the Penn for life, it ain't one day that I don't feel the pain
It be too many problems on my mind, and a lot of you cats be the one to blame
Knowing that my life won't change, I try to do my best not to reminisce
Cause too many tears turned into anger, and I don't put no one in danger
See I'm stressed out about a lot of thangs, and when God one day it'll be alright
They say he might not come if he really wanna, but if I'm in the need he'll be on time
He never let me down befo' and that's fa sho, I'm glad I'm blessed with the skills to rap
We can make it alone just Trae and Doug, I'm doing my best to be a proper thug
While everybody else wanna proceed to hate, steady follow in the path of one that's mislead
Even though they don't know what's going on, but I can't stop I gotta keep going on
And this is the way of life that we know, being straight up thugs and I'm glad we made it
Through all the hard times and pain we go through, we letting you know Lord you are appreciated

[Hook 1 - 4x]

[Hook 2]
What the Lord has done for me all of us, even though some of y'all fin to see
I done been through the cracks and openings in the walls, and even through the storms of the streets
(It'll take just a matter of time for one to find, the piece of mind to love life
Confess my deeds and got my seed, and humble myself to live life right)

[Dougie D]
See I was told that God has a plan for every man, but must seek to find
Being fact we living in sin, we walk around with a bull over our eyes
I know it's a pitiful shame, watching the people you die fo' spill leads to the brains
On a level I can feel your pain, Devil trying to guide us to do the wrong thangs
A lot of us have lost a friend, and separated ourself from truth to find love
And death is one never ending loving, and that us the love you get from God

This is my testimony, Lord would you please forgive me for everything I've done
I know that I caused pain on these streets, I came to realize it was you I see
And it ain't time to be blind we in the end of days, and I know that I gotta repent for my sins
I can't let the devil try to do me in, and if I listen to you I know we bound to win
Cause you blessed us with the gift of life, and no matter what happens I can't forget that
I owe it to you till the day I'm dead, have mercy on me dear Lord Amen

[Hook 1 - 4x]

[Hook 2 - 2x]

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