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Guerilla Maab - World Keep Turnin' lyrics

I'm under suspicion, so I'm forced to move around a lot
Using criminal plots, to bleed blocks
And decieved cops, keeping my heat cocked
Cause hard knocks, keep a nigga on watch
Thinking every new face that I meet's, just another pair of
Scandalous eyes on the rise, some niggaz to anxious to say hi
Some hoes too quick, to come off the thighs
It ain't hard for these hatas to hide, so I'm on the grind
Wondering with a one track mind
Whether we win or we lose, through the thick and the thin
I'm one the rise, so I'ma die for mine
Trying to make it to the top, no more ducking the cops
Cause I'm scared to show my I.D
Nervous when I see them bright lights, blinding me
Already noid, since they got behind me
Rolling dirty, so I know I'm going to jail
Cause I smell like a pound, sipping straight crown
Roll the top down, showing off surround by sound
Gauge from the backseat, letting it down
But ain't no need to clown, cause we gon hold the final
We gon ball, till the day we die
Witness the world's, most deadliest niggaz
Trying to gain control, cause it's our time to shine
[Hook x2]
Look at all the money we earning mayn
As the world keep turning mayn
Try to do it on the low, but everywhere I go
Somebody got a law man, learning names
Nothing but the finest doja, be burning mayn
As the world keep turning mayn
Top of the line, Mary Jane for strain
And I'm never caught, slipping in the turning lane
[Dougie D]
Peep this, look at all the change
Top of line, Mary Jane for strain
But a nigga feel wherever I go, somebody got a law man
Learning names, but it's all in the game
I need to realize, what the deal is
Where you at, can a nigga come chill
Parlay, and smoke some weed at your crib
And motherfuckers I don't even know, be running up on me
Talking bout, nigga I ain't seen you in years
What type of bullshit that is, they got they hands out
No doubt, Guerilla Maab steady jamming stacking the clout
You keep my name out your mouth
And ain't no tricking with that, cause they ain't down
Cause I be ready to clown, and making em move round
Whoa now, and in the turning lane
Where a nigga be wanting to get me
But like a banana, my army peeling at em be tripping
But on the cool, I act a damn fool
Look at all the money we gain, and hell if I gotta jack fools
Everybody wanna see a nigga dead for real
Other niggaz really wanna go, and play my skills
So I gotta be quick, to knock drama out of place
Taking a pitch out a plate, ready to face
Any nigga, any broad, anybody that'll wanna
Take me out of the game, ain't a damn thang changed
I'ma maintain, and keep my composure
So if you take a wrong step, you better keep on coming
And I know, that it ain't gotta be that way
But it's too many people, that's steady fucking with Trae
Keeping us stressed with a vest, you better pray to get blessed
Cause this negativity, making me the man that I be
Ain't nobody, gonna be taking me out of the game
Cause I was blessed, with the mind to maintain
And gotta think fast, when I'm on my toes
Guerilla Maab, haven't you heard we number one
[Hook x2]
Since I got too many diamonds glissing
They wanna tap my phones, so they can listen in
For differd judification, from conversation
About divid-ends, living in a world that's fucked up
White folks, be making these drugs
We killing eachother fo', spilling blood over territory
We don't own, dumb shit we killing eachother fo'
Steady telling out Northside, and yelling Southside
Every motherfucker, got they mouth wide
Open, infrared beams be scoping
And monitoring, everybody outside
My congregation, with a bird's eye view
Everybody wanna rap, cause they heard I do
Never be another nigga, that'll write a 16 bar
Using the nouns and verbs, I use
I choose, to be the nigga that'll be ready for war
Motherfuckers be bumping they gums
Bout anything, they can get they mind on
I pimp on and grind on, mad cause I got my shine on
A Maab type nigga like myself, that'd never think
Or give a damn about, what a bitch wanna lie about
Give a nigga a reason, to dress up in black
And give a grandmother, something to cry about
Because I'm a G in the game, bringing a tired side of me
Is something, that a motherfucker never gon see in the game
T.A.Z. he in the game, Trae he in the game, Dougie D in the game
But certain motherfuckers, shouldn't even be in the game
Maintain, everybody want attention but I stay blaze Jane
Top of the line, Mary Jane for strain
Never caught, slipping in the turning lane
[Hook x3]

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