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Linda Eder - Let Him Fly lyrics

It's not a whispered word or a pretty phrase
It's not a touch it's not a gaze
It's not how we hold on but how we grow
It's standing by and letting go
It's not the beauty of making someone yours
Love sets us free
Loves opens doors
Love sends move on
Stand on your own
Love knows when someone else meets to rise and walk along
Life pass the change
Don't wonder why
He needs to feel the light of the open sky
If we hold on too tight
How can a dream take flight
Open your arms
And let him fly
It's not just pulling someone very near
It's having faith instead of fear
You can't hold someone back when his dream calls
Love is a hole that has no walls
Yes he may disappear
There's no way to know
You take that chance
You let him go
Go find your dream
Be who you are
I want much for you
Than I wish upon a star
Move from my side
I will not cry
If you remember me
Love can never die
Love lets the life break through
Now love will help me too
Open my arms and let him fly
It's not it's not goodbye
Someday you'll fly high

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