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Mactatus - Another Dimension lyrics

OUT FROM another Dimension I came
I saw Jesus playing with the Gods
I have seen the world burning - Twice
Reality - so far away
The new-born son, so long awaited
To speak of the Now World
FIRE! It gives me a new Desire
I crucified myself to be the one
With blood and Pain - I was the Holy One
With Blasphemy I rise from the Dust
And give the Human trust
I am the Greatest of all Creatures
Master I Am
Failured people to trust in me
Can't they see what a joke I became?
I killed Jesus: I killed Jesus:
The Holy One
Be my guest on this trip
Come with me and share my Throne
In the World of the Unknown
Be my ripper and drink with the Gods
And see the World in Flames
See all this stupid Religions
And all these Losers
All this brings you a Fucking Shame
[Music by MACTATUS]

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