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Rez Band - Where Roses Grow lyrics

Empty promises, that were etched in stone
Scattered by the wind to places I have known
All the burning lamps by the window panes
Lit for their return, but they never came
I lose myself in deep regret
Still I hear a voice that I can't forget

Says: we will run where roses grow, our feet unbound at last
Laugh as morning dawns, the night forever passed
See the face of glory, feel the river flow
Hear the voice of God, and run where roses grow

Fading hope is gathered as the sky grows dim
Somewhere it's raining, but it's drought within
Out across the desert, was it fate or was it chance?
I saw clouds approaching where I took my stance

Hear the thunder rolling - can you hear the horn?
I'm climbing Jacob's ladder - up through the storm

Stand with me at the Mercy Seat
With mounds of ashes spread about my feet
You know who I am, all I think I know
See it in the marrow, buried deep in the bone
How is there no anger in the words I hear?
Only love and mercy, erasing every fear

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