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Veni Domine - Beyond The Doom lyrics

The Empty Eyes And Shaking Hands
Betray The State Of His Mind
Only The Pale Moon Light
Enlightens The Path Of This Lonely Man
See The Anxiety In His Eyes
Like He Knew What Was Wrong
But He Was Never That Strong
All The Goals Made Up
But Did He Ever Score
No One Will Ever Know
Because No One Never Saw
The Tear In The Jesters Eye
He Was Always Very Friendly
And Gentle So It Seemed
Behind The Curtain No One Saw
The Lion And The Lamb
Hoe It Ripped His Heart In Two
When He Forced To Make A Stand
His Heart Could Be Found In A Building
With A Cross On The Roof
But After The Lightning
He's Nowhere To Be Found
Some Say He Was A Lifted From The Ground
He Was That Kind Of Man
So I'm Left All Alone
Judgement Day Has Come And Gone
I Saw The Sides Never Shown
I Was Surrounded By The Depths Of The Abyss
Sometimes It Seemed So Out Of Control
So I Drowned My Sorrows In The Sea Of Pain
Kept My Heart Still Pumping
But My Quest Became In Vain
Beyond The Doom
The Flesh Is Marked By Blisters
Beyond The Doom
Love Has Vanished From The Face Of The Earth
The Unforgiven Are Those
Who Never Dared
To Give Up The Bad Habits
To Be Filled With The Spirit
Or Try Their Wings In Faith
To Walk Against The Wind
To Take The Outstretched Hand
Or To Walk Out Into The Unknown
Never Dared To Be Cleansed By
The Breeze From Heaven
With My Fist In The Air
I Hailed The New Order
Thought The Message Was Right
Because The Old Was A Failure
I Kept Myself Posted
Read The Sign Of The Times
I Knew The Heartbeat Of The Holy
But I Fell Out Of Line
How I Regret
I Was There But I Fell Down
The Easy Way Ain't Hard Enough
And The Hard Way Is Such A Lonely Path
The Role Of The Martyr Is Calling My Name
Abba Father, Please Hear The Prayer I Pray

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