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Veni Domine - King Of The Jewes lyrics

Far Back In Time Where It All Began
God Sowed His Word Into Mankind
Some Let It Grow Some Let It Fall
Only Believing In Their Leaders And Kings
As Time Grew Old Humanity Grew Cold
Leaders Used And Seduced In The Name Of The Lord
All Forgetting Where It Had Begun
Forgetting The Power That Was Found
If I Forget You Jerusalem
May My Right Hand Forget Its Skills
May My Tongue Cling To The Roof Of My Mouth
Those Claimed To Be Wise
Those Who Lead The Heard
Will Bow Before The King Of The Jews
So Death Couldn't Hold The Son Of Man
And You Abuse His Name For Profits For Yourselves
You Mis-Guided Men With Hearts Of Stone
Soon You Will Answer For Your Actions
See Him Come Like The Wind
With The Word In His Hand
Dungeons Deep And Mountains High
The Father's Will Invades These Barren Lands
Arise - King Of The Jews

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