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Veni Domine - O Great City lyrics

Fallen Fallen Is Babylon The Great
She Has Become A Home For Demons
For All The Nations Drank Of Her Poisonous Wine
The Wine Of Her Adulteries
Come Away From Her So That You Will Not Share In Her Sin
So That You Will Not Be The Carrier Of Her Plagues
Give In Payment For What She Has Given - For What She Has Done
As Much Torture And Grief As The Glory And Pleasure She Gave
Babylon Has Fallen - The Abyss Is Calling My Name
Babylon Has Fallen - In Only One Hour Her Doom Will Come
Babylon Has Fallen - Fall Babylon Fall
Babylon Has Fallen - The Shining Will Never Be Seen In Her Again
When All The Kings Who Shared Her Pleasures
See The Smoke From Her Burning
Terrified They Will Stand Far Off And Cry
O Great City - O Babylon
I Sit As A Queen, Not A Widow
And I Will Never Mourn
Therefore In Just One Day Her Plagues Will Engulf Her
Fallen Fallen Is Babylon The Great
Eyes Never To Behold Her Again
By Her Magic All Nations Were Led Astray
In Her Was Found The Blood Of The Saints
Tear Her Down

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