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Yarden Tsur - Baby It's Me lyrics

I'm just human
Wearing clothes of shame
And you're the person
That I never ever want to blame
I know I've hurt
I know I've done something bad
But all I want from you
Is to know I feel so sad
Practice what to say
How to say I'm Sorry
But Baby Just listen
To the real story.

I don't know where I got you wrong
But Please just let me love you
Baby when I feel alone
All I'm thinking is about you
I don't know how to carry on
You're all I ever wanted
So look,
Baby It's Me

You are the guy
Behind all my greatest dreams
You are the one
Who taught me how to use my wings
I'm lost without you
Can't you see?
I still believe in what you made from me

[Repet chours]

Coz I, I won't giving up (Ain't giving up babe)
And I will not, break it up

I'll give all that around me
And say it so clearly
Coz yeah...
Baby It's Me

[Repet chours]

Baby It's Me
Baby It's Me...

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