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Yello - Jungle Bill lyrics

The moon is a drop in a black hole
The sun is a hell of a light
But nobody's blue is brighter
Than the blue in my baby tonight
A man is a snake in the autumn
Maybe dew [Baby-do] is making him wretch
Oh man was it dark in the jungle
His heart is an empty fretch [thretch?]
A man is a duck in the jungle
Who's lost in the big bamboo
Snake jumps out of the fire
And it's cryin' [goin'] for baby-do
The moon is a drop in a black hole
The sun was a hell of a light
Oh man I'm gonna have my ice cold
Baby-do is out of sight
I'm in danger
In your jungle
I'm a stranger
Land of Mambo
Cause what you do
Must be voodoo
I'm in danger
Oh baby-do
[repeat all and chorus]

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