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Yellow Jackets - Roll With Killer Bees lyrics

[Chorus: Armel]
There comes a time when you know, brothers careers must come to an end
We usually spit for ya'll, but today we came for the heads of men, so
Hip hop must reknew it's history, so the music can last forever
Ya'll either roll with us, or make sure you got your shit together

Surprise, see me face, who you?
Threw a hex over the crowd like it's voodoo
You know a stool in the pot, hooked it up, hot
A little blessings are added from Cory and Got
My flow, lyrical, swag, I'm hotter
Looking for a group that can rhyme, I gotcha
First in our bracket, the group is Yellow Jackets
If it didn't add up, it wouldn't be mathematics

[General Jihad]
Good riddance, Afro clown, MC's be spitting
Adjust your ears to the sounds of true and living
Gold all in diamonds, stand pivotal position
If it's competition, only find yourself in submission
A-L-L-A-H, we represent the west, hey
Stand tall like skyscrapes from the west to the Tri-State
Yeah, it's our weight, watch the Gods demonstrate
Congregate and bring forth the force of earthquakes

The gully niggas getting sliced up in the tummy quick
My game go, like my bankroll when my money flip
King step up out the paint, not on that funny shit
I'm thankful when I can make moves, I'm hungry, bitch
Yeah, and how the boy has grown so
Stand on my hands and walking through the dojo
Picture perfect, go 'head and cop a frame for it
Listen to that bullshit, I ain't the player for it


My sword hard but we graceful
Walk without fear and intimidate the hateful, erase fools
Put 'em on the shit list, unleash the beast
And make 'em shit, when I get pissed, smash 'em with the quickness
Powerful prodigies, breeded from how I birth
Children of the sun, any one of us can be the one
I swing swords with the power of Conan
And Samson, blood of us who the warriors, Ram, son

Ugh, and I'm ready for raw battle
Slaughter MC's by the herd like farm cattle
Stay out the shadows, I'm sending the Swarm at you
Some Wu-Tang wasps they call the Yellow Jackets
Let's get it cracking like a helmet when you line it back
I can put a metal to your chest like you wire taped
So get the message you can roll or get stepped on
You only hating us, cuz you know we the best off, for real

Surpreme I Self, the truth sayer
I dive into your thoughts, manifest like a prayer
Snatch the air, out of your chest cavity
My mind define laws, unbound by gravity
It's that Wu-Tang West, I'm where the sun sets
Let the knowledge be born, Yellow Jackets form the Swarm
Ya'll niggas get the flesh torn straight off of your frame
My tongue razor sharp, beat cuts slicing your brain, now that's game


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