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Young Bari - U Can't See Me lyrics

Booooi I ain't worryed bout u, u stay talkin but wat u gone do
U keep walkin u betta b koo fareal!
For u mite get brused
But u know it's really funny
How u frontin to me
But it's nufin to me (yeah!)
But I'm still here with u
N u hatein on me how dum is u
Cuzin u so fonny so fake your only
The wun dat dnt wanna c me shine
U ain't on my level n I'm a take watz minz
U wanna b me! u can't c me!
So deal with it stay n yo possion
Dnt hurt your self b4 u whind up missin
U can't c me! [x3]
No [x2]
U can't c me! [x3]
Never [x2]
Man u ain't got nufin to do
Wanna get on my hipe bt dat ain't ture
N dat ain't u cause I'll bust ya out
Cause u da mayn wun stay runnin ya mouth like a female
Naw u worst den dem I'm a b.b.I.g u can ask lil kim
Yawp n I kno u hatein think u kno bt u dnt kno how to play it
U dnt kno how to say it u got no game yo shit is fake n u hang around lamez
Yawp! missiory makes company buzzin for da bumble bee'z man that's a robbory
Yawp! cause I'm takein who eva wat it das yo song well I sound betta on
Thay mad cause I'm chewin em up n dey kno wat it is n das wus up
U can't c me! [x2]
No [x2]
U can't c me! [x2]
Never [x2]
Nope I can't b seen I stay real mean n I'm only a teen
But I dnt brag ugh I dnt swim but I dnt sagg
Mix tapes up n my bagz pussin naw nevva dat yea n I get
Real shady! mobby dnt test me baby! n u kno I'm jus letin u kno
Hit a lick ugh neva to b told yea I go go
U ain't gota belive jus ask my bro, naw no laughs no jokes
I do it for the homies I do it for the bro'z
Man u allready kno how it b n u betta watch out b scared ov me

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