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Young Jaye - Did It Overnight lyrics

Did it overnite it couldn't happen any quicker
And why is it when you hear money you see me up in the picture
So I say love me or hate me cause I'm still getting richer
This is the good life where we count cash and all the girls are
And me I don't brag nor do I boast
But I'm feelin like the rapper of the year so lets toast
Jayes the rapper of the year so lets smoke
Untill we choke party and then go to sleep on that note
You feel me and me I be glowin like rich reems
Young active niggas we doing big things
And me I am it whatever it means
Welcome to the fastlife will it fuck you over like a dick fean
How I go to that unknown undercover artist
To that nigga that be coming out as the hardest
And start getting dumb money like it's retarted
Party at my crib now lets get this bitch started

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