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Young Jaye - I'm Back lyrics

Coming up as a youngin I aint never had a hand out
And now it seems everywhere I go I standout
And you come wrong all insane wit the drama
So your wife came up missin and I blew the brains out yo momma
I'm a black osama
I'm like barack obama
And the nigga that keep spittin flow hotter then uganda
Still same nigga but my account got commas
And I'm shitin on you niggas like I got all timers
And when it come to females boy I got all kind of
And well do I love these hoes I say kinda
I'm schoolin you niggas notebook and a binda
Wit ya bitch locked in my closet nigga go head and you can find her
Love my music or hate it I'm here forever like a stain
Still the same nigga smokin on some mary jane
And I don't why but people think that I'm insane
Cause I got dumb money like it got no brains
I stuck my all in this rap shit and then that's when shit popped
And you don't gotta hear my songs to noe that I am hip hop
And then that when half the world turned fake b
And they all seem to hate me
I swear I feel like chris rock
Damn I'm rite back at ya
Approach my flow with caution cause it just might tack ya
And I aint talking randy moss but it just might sack ya
And I killed this rap shit hip hop need back up
So many hoes that they in the condo stacked up
Took your bitch with no problem and now that's jacked up
Arrive at your house with all your shit packed up
Leave your girl around me she guaranteed to get snatched up
A lot of people say they'd invest in my carrer with this rap shit
I'm pure hard and you niggas just wackness
And me I am I'll and the only true fact is
That I'm in the lab and muthafucka I'm back bitch

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