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Young Jaye - Money Shit lyrics

I get money true guapaholic
Yo bitch don't know yo name she call yu watchackallit
Gave her my number nigga watch her call it
She let me fuck no she never stall it
Girl don't lie look she noe I'm ballin
Lol now on my name fucking name jaye spaldin
Thinking flows like the river
I'm cold burr no watch you shiver
Dick outta be the only thing in which I giver
Smoke so muckh they out to call me black liver
42 calibor hand on the trigger
I'm running this game ima top flight nigger
Flow so raw I think I need my mic bigger
And my bitch is bad with a nice figure
I'm bad for ya kids explicit content
Flow outrageous yellow tape approach with caution
I got a lot of flows so yea it's worth flossin
Straight simpin tea niggas I outta call yu boston
I give her dick she come back crawlinn
She seen me and now all the bitches oh my goshin
Fresher than a razor sharper then a tapor
Clap lights off ya stack dissapear vapor
I got your girl runnin up and down like the lakers
Cookin miracles chef jaye the fucking baker
One hitter quiter undertaker
I'm funny seinfeld fucking kramer
I'm a beast unleashed raised in a chamber
And it's money over bitches with no remainder
No decimals hold the fractions
I hook it up like fucking bob latin
A spanish bitch and one latin
And one singing and one rappin
This beat is like super slappin
They noe I'm the shit and so one crappin
Yu wannt to rap yu dnt belong in the rap game
I'm getting young money baby like fucking mack maine
I just get a beat and then I rap thangs
Burner in the back pack gotta keep the strap main
Getting bitches ima yung flirt
I dnt noe nothin I'm higher then captain curt
Bang so loud like a muthafucka base
More flow then a water in a fucking vase
I'm ballin like bow wow like mike free throw
All abt my cheddar nigga chestar cheeto
And yu can hit me up on myspace or meebo
I'm ballin nigga still shooting freethrows
Loved by the fans and a lot of people
And I murdered the beat, now this is the sequel

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