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Youth Group - Time Freezes lyrics

The fin-de-siecle - that golden age
All those bright young things with bright young things to say

Nothing ever changes, history just rearranges
Facts and dates and figures with it's finger on the trigger
To protect the children, the investor's hard-earned millions
While the excrement increases, time just freezes

With drawing board and pen knife the future colourists
Trace the decade on their skinny wrists

Smiling, turbaned mothers and their family call the patrons 'brother'
Just to make them feel like they are part of something bigger
It's like they're not just filling bellies but they're selling plastic stigma
And a flashing model jesus, time just freezes

Nothing ever changes, history just rearranges
Slices up their faces to remove the traces
Of the shock they give tomorrow, did you ever feel like you've been borrowed?
Strapped to the couch? Hypnotised? Struck by the rhythm of the prophet's eyes?
Who place their faith in yesterday and sell it like a perfect day
Oh, when will they believe us, time just freezes

Time just freezes
Time just frees us.

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